About Hoelmakers

Let us introduce ourselves: We are the brothers Pascal (1983) and Gregor (1981). After many years of study and creative experience we decided in 2012 to start our own company as a platform for our works of art. Therefore, we founded Hoelmakers Sculpture Art.

Our company name is a combination of our family name and the Dutch verb ‘maken’ which, in addition to the first obvious meaning ’to make’, also means to create, to fashion, to shape. And that is exactly what we do with our sculptures in bronze and marble; we create exquisite works of art, mainly sculptures.

Pascal is a craftsman. He creates sculptures and he designs furniture. Gregor is graphic designer and creates design icons. In 2003, we started creating sculptures in bronze and marble. These sculptures are characterised by their robustness and strength. A unique feature of our work is the combination of different materials. All this exclusive art is made in the top design city of the Netherlands: Eindhoven.